It is with the deepest of apologies & much heartfelt sadness that we, the owners, Tammy Harrelson & Amy Sanders, along with myself, the acting manager, Caryn Stinson, must come to the point of having to openly announce the closing of The Ballroom at Hixson, effective immediately. If you would us allow a few words of explanation, although none are necessary, it may help to ease the hurt of the decision.  
The Ballroom at Hixson opened 3 years ago with great expectations. Originally, the desire to make available a beautiful, comfortable, affordable place to dance in the Chattanooga area was fueled & implemented by a community effort of dancers. Some put up money, others helped fund & install the floor, and independent teachers offered their services. 
The Ballroom at Hixson  was going to be a place where anyone was free to practice and learn the art of dance, whether it be a newbie learner, a more seasoned dancer or a full-fledged independent dance instructor. 
As you all know, small businesses can be very difficult to operate. Soon enough, the honeymoon glow subsides, once the day to day challenges of running a venture become the norm. Eventually, when you put a group of human beings together, add in hardship, drama and difficult scenarios, people start to fall by the wayside. 
Given enough time, situations begin to become unbearable and after an extended period of hurt and struggling, people lose energy and either quit or become apathetic. This is not new to any endeavor in life – it happens, but it is not unconquerable; however, it does take a large dose of change and effort on the part of everyone to make a turnaround successful. 
Due to the fact that The Ballroom has operated as an independent studio and it’s teachers have all been independent dance instructors, change cannot be dictated – it has to be wanted and there has to be a willingness to revive the spirit of cooperation. 
For a long period of time, Tammy became the strong arm of The Ballroom, but even the strong eventually weary under heavy burdens, and when the financial pressures, along with the other ongoing duties of keeping The Ballroom functional, became more than she was willing to continue with, she decided to close the studio this past  June. 
In an effort to keep the studio open long enough for Tammy to refresh and regroup her energies, Caryn stepped in over the summer and offered to shoulder her responsibilities for a period of time. The change was made without fanfare, in an effort to cushion any repercussions in the ballroom community, so that potential recovery could be gradual and as low-key as possible, and with as minimal impact to students and teachers as possible. 
However, people notice change and want to know what’s going and it became common knowledge that The Ballroom was closing. In truth, this was not the case, as efforts were being made to keep it open, but it’s hard to stop a snowball from rolling down the hill and eventually the damage is done and you come to the end.
 There is not one among us who wanted The Ballroom at Hixson to come to an unhappy ending. The world of dance can be a beautiful place, but it takes effort on everybody’s part to keep it that way. There are no regrets, no blame – only sorrow for what could have been. When people lose the desire to work together toward something, then that something will eventually dissolve and fade away.  
We want to thank all of our patrons, students and teachers, who have been a part of this journey and we hope that everyone has gained some good from their time spent together. 
With that being said, The Ballroom at Hixson will be closing it’s doors for business, effective as of Monday, November 9th, 2015. All remaining floor rent will be reimbursed to students and lessons can be rescheduled through your instructors. 
The immediacy of this closure is due to ongoing expenses needing to be covered, with as minimal future expenses being incurred. Thank you for understanding the urgency of this matter and forgiving any inconveniences that this may cause. 
We wish you all the best and godspeed in your dance travels! 
With love – Caryn, Tammy, Amy

If you have floor rent cards with unused punches or lessons you have paid to The Ballroom or Tammy Harrelson, please give us a call for a refund. 423-394-6428.  Again, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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